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New Releases List for Netflix Mexico: Page 2

This list lets you start with today's releases and then go "back in time" to see previous movie and tv show releases on Netflix Mexico.

The kids demonstrate against Carmen. Sabrina tells Manuel her father's moving to Europe and she's staying in Argentina. Lujan tells Marizza that Blas is her guardian. Lujan sneaks into school and asks Blas if he loves her but he says he hates her.

Animal Kingdom Where the Crawdads Sing S.W.A.T. Bullet Train

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Fifty Shades Darker Chainsaw Man Blue Lock The World of the Married

Marizza moves in with Martin. Lola and Laura make up. Blas suspends Lujan. Marcos finds out and ends up beating Blas. The boys party with older girls, so the girls decide to spoil it for them. Belen tells her classmates Sol's told Blas on them.

Sonia decides Octavio will have Marizza's custody. Lola reads her adoption file. Rocco and Vico tell Hector the mob is after him and suggest he goes to Bariloche. He does. Lujan reads a book Marizza brought from Blas's home. She's shocked.

Vico and Rocco sing in a bar. Dunoff is half-naked while Michi irons his clothes, Rocco films them. Feli's crazy about Fran, but he pays no attention; A mafia guy tells Vico her father has to give him some money. Marizza learns that Lola's adopted.

Vico is hired to sing in a bar. Marizza is jealous of Pablo's secretary. Marizza and Javier decide to run away. Sabrina keeps Manuel company on his first day at work. Lucas and Mia turn up there. Rocco goes to Vico's house to see everything is OK.

Lucas, Mia, Feli and Francisco go out. Lucas wanted to go out with Mia alone. Pablo tells Marizza he loves her. She doesn't believe him. Pablo meets his new sexy secretary. Michi locks Sonia up to stop her from giving Marizza's custody to Octavio.

Lucas asks Mia out. Manuel gets a job as a parking kid. Sabrina teaches him to drive. Michi tells Marizza about the efforts Sonia made for Marizza. Feli doesn't want Mia to go out with Lucas. Lujan gets an e-mail saying her tutor's dead.

Sonia makes something up and get out of the coat's story. Mia tells Colucci Sonia is dating Octavio. Manuel quits his job at Colucci's. Sabrina offers him a position at her dad's company. Rocco saves Vico from Hector by giving him money.

The kids convince Sergio to reinstate Octavio. Lujan learns her guardian must be an older man. It might be Blas' father's friend. Mia has a detective follow her dad. She thinks he bought her a fancy coat, but she realizes he's given it to Sonia.