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New Releases List for Netflix Taiwan

This list lets you start with today's releases and then go "back in time" to see previous movie and tv show releases on Netflix Taiwan.

Hope, romance and new beginnings suffuse stories spotlighting Tamil cinema star Ashok Selvan in three different roles.

Dramas, Romantic Movies, Indian

Marriage isn’t all chocolates and flowers. Five complicated couples show just how difficult it can be to keep the flame going after the honeymoon.

TV Dramas, Romantic TV Dramas, Taiwanese
Director(s): John Hsu, Cheng Wen-Tang, Peter Ho, Kao Pin-Chuan, Herb Hsu
Actors: Liu Kuan-ting, Sun Ke-fang, Lego Lee, Huang Di-yang, Lan Wei-hua, Sophia Li, Jian Man-shu, Mason Lee, Ellen Wu, Kimi Hsia, Shih Ming-shuai, Allison Lin, Wen Chen-ling, Rima Zeidan
Farha Sean eternos: Campeones de América Fifty Shades Darker Where the Crawdads Sing

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Dr. Seuss' The Grinch Hacksaw Ridge Bullet Train Pokémon Ultimate Journeys: The Series

Before they get married, a couple must swap phones for 24 hours at the behest of the bride-to-be's suspicious father.

Romantic Comedies, Dramas, Comedies, Romantic Movies, Tamil-Language Movies, Indian
Director(s): Pradeep Ranganathan
Actors: Pradeep Ranganathan, Ivana, Yogi Babu, Radhika, Raveena Ravi, Sathyaraj

A carefree blind man living with his loyal caretaker inadvertently launches a chaotic competition for his wealth when he befriends a small-time thief.

Bollywood Movies, Dramas, Comedies, Hindi-Language Movies, Indian
Director(s): Vikrant Deshmukh
Actors: Kumud Mishra, Divya Dutta, Abhishek Banerjee, Rajeshwari Sachdev

When a brilliant psychologist helps patients work through a spate of traumatic incidents, she must also confront demons of her own.

TV Dramas, TV Shows Based on Books, Mainland Chinese TV Shows
Director(s): Sam Quah
Actors: Yang Zi, Jing Boran, Jevon Wang, Jian Renzi

In this action-packed adventure, Chhota Bheem and his trusted troop set out to stop Kaalicharan’s evil plan and save the world from doom.

TV Cartoons, Kids' TV, Hindi-Language TV Shows, Indian