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Ash and the gang discover that a new breeding center is a cover for a diabolical scheme by Team Rocket's new members, Butch and Cassidy.

Ash signs up for the Pokémon League Admissions Exam, where Jessie and James begin putting everyone through a very different kind of test.

Ash and his friends meet the only known photographer to get a picture of a real Aerodactyl, which turns out to be the same one that abducted Ash!

After accidentally making his way onto a training ground for the police force's Growlithe, Ash asks if he and Pikachu can join in on the training.

After Bulbasaur's bulb begins to emit an odd glow, a nurse runs some tests and discovers that Bulbasaur isn't sick: It's getting ready to evolve!

Jessie, James and Meowth turn their sights on Ash's Pokémon Egg and begin hatching another daring plan to make it theirs.

Ash and Misty both vow to catch a rare wild Farfetch'd, and soon they get their chance when the Wild Duck Pokémon appears.

As our heroes are walking in the countryside, they notice a missing persons poster of a familiar face: It looks exactly like James from Team Rocket.

While at the Pokémon Center seeking treatment for Pikachu, Ash learns from Nurse Joy that there's been an accident, and many Pokémon are injured.

Ash decides to join in an excavation of fossils from extinct Pokémon as a chance to beat Gary, who's also at the paleontological dig site.