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Jan 18, 2022: there have been 1 new movies/shows/seasons/episodes released on Netflix New Zealand today (so far):

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New on Netflix New Zealand

Here''s what''s new on Netflix New Zealand today, with the most recent releases at the top. Check back often! There are new arrivals throughout the day, and we are constantly updating this list.

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Johnny finds his entire life yanked out from under him when he throws a disastrous bachelor party for his friend Bill. Over the next 24 hours, twists of fate visit all of Johnny's friends, with the murder of a cop and a kidnapping on the agenda.

Comedies, Independent Movies
Director(s): Craig Sheffer
Actors: Rob Schneider, Ron Livingston, Michael Clarke Duncan, John C. McGinley, Jennifer Esposito, Amanda Detmer, Cynthia Watros, Raymond J. Barry, Missi Pyle, Aaron Brumfield, Ron Yuan, Eric Stonestreet

Fun and friendly Blippi takes preschoolers along on interactive and educational field trips, keeping them constantly curious about their world.

Education for Kids, Kids' TV, Kids Music
Actors: Stevin John
Malèna Hope Skyscraper Nocturnal Animals

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Anna Untouchable Titanic Countdown

A rambunctious Australian youth who lives along the coastline with his freewheeling father begins to care for a nest of pelicans.

Children & Family Movies, Dramas, Movies Based on Books, Classic Movies, Family Movies, Australian
Director(s): Henri Safran
Actors: Greg Rowe, Peter Cummins, David Gulpilil, Judy Dick, Tony Allison, Michael Moody, Graham Dow, Eric Mack

The Diamonds clash as Steven faces his biggest challenge yet. Can he save the Gems?

Steven taps into his psychic powers to find help.

Hoping to talk to White Diamond, Steven decides to throw a ball but is not used to the formalities.

With memories of Pink Diamond lingering, Steven tries to figure out his place in space.

Determined to right some wrongs, Steven, Connie and the Crystal Gems venture to Homeworld.

Steven brings everyone together for a celebration of love but unexpected guests crash the party.

For Ruby and Sapphire's upcoming reunion, Steven plans a surprise for the Gems.