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Unlock and Watch 'Your Name.' on Netflix from Any Country: A Comprehensive Guide

Unlock and Watch 'Your Name.' on Netflix from Any Country: A Comprehensive Guide

Josh Loewen
Josh Loewen
May 19, 2023

If you're a fan of anime, then you've probably heard of Your Name. - the hit 2016 romantic fantasy film produced by CoMix Wave Films. This critically acclaimed movie follows two high school students, Taki and Mitsuha, who suddenly and inexplicably begin to swap bodies and live each other's lives. What follows is a touching story about love, connection, and the power of human connections.

If you haven't seen it yet, then you're missing out! But don't worry - we're here to help you watch it on Netflix from any country in the world, even if it's not available in your region. Read on to find out how you can unlock this amazing movie and enjoy it today!

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The Plot of Your Name.

Your Name. is a beautiful story about two high school students, Taki and Mitsuha, who are complete strangers. Despite living in different parts of Japan, they find themselves mysteriously switching bodies at random intervals. Though they initially struggle with the bizarre situation, they eventually learn to live in each other's shoes and start leaving messages to communicate.

The two gradually develop a connection, and Taki sets out to finally meet Mitsuha in person. But when he discovers that her hometown was destroyed by a meteor three years ago, he sets out to save her life, even if it means rewriting time itself. With stunning animation, a beautiful soundtrack, and a heartwarming story, Your Name. is a must-watch for any anime fan.

Without giving away any spoilers, it's safe to say that Your Name. is a touching and emotional movie about love, loss, and the power of human connections. If you haven't seen it yet, then you're in for a treat - it's one of the best anime movies of recent years.

The Production of Your Name.

Your Name. was written and directed by Makoto Shinkai, who drew inspiration from a variety of sources, including real-life locations and works by other writers. Shinkai's beautiful animation style, combined with Radwimps' stunning soundtrack, helped make the movie a critical and commercial success in Japan and around the world.

Interestingly, the idea behind the movie came to Shinkai after he visited a town that had been devastated by an earthquake. He wanted to make a movie that would swap the positions of the people in the town with the viewers, and from this initial idea, Your Name. was born. The movie went on to become a massive hit, grossing over $380 million worldwide and breaking box office records in Japan.

Since its release, Your Name. has won numerous awards and accolades, including Best Animated Feature at the 2016 Los Angeles Film Critics Association Awards, the 49th Sitges Film Festival, and the 71st Mainichi Film Awards. It was also nominated for the Japan Academy Prize for Animation of the Year. All of this praise is well-deserved - Your Name. is a stunning movie that deserves to be seen by everyone.

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The Cast of Your Name.

Voice Actors:

  • Ryunosuke Kamiki as Taki Tachibana - a high school boy who suddenly starts swapping bodies with Mitsuha. Kamiki has also appeared in other popular anime films, including Spirited Away and Howl's Moving Castle.
  • Mone Kamishiraishi as Mitsuha Miyamizu - a high school girl who finds herself living in Taki's body. Kamishiraishi has also appeared in the live-action film Chihayafuru and the anime series Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans.

Director and Writer:

  • Makoto Shinkai - Shinkai is a well-known anime director and writer, having created several critically acclaimed movies, including Voices of a Distant Star and The Garden of Words. He is known for his stunning animation and emotional storytelling, and Your Name. is no exception.


  • Radwimps - Radwimps is a Japanese rock band that provided the soundtrack for Your Name. Their music perfectly complements the story and helps to make the movie an unforgettable experience.

How to Watch Your Name. from Anywhere

Unfortunately, Your Name. is not currently available on Netflix in every country. However, it is available on Netflix in Japan, Singapore, and Italy. So, if you are not in one of those countries, you might be missing out. But don't worry - there is a solution!

A VPN, like ExpressVPN, can help you watch Your Name. from anywhere in the world. Different countries have different titles in their Netflix catalogues, and all you need to do is use ExpressVPN on your phone, tablet, computer, or TV, and you can switch to a different country's Netflix catalogue. With ExpressVPN, you can enjoy Your Name. and other amazing anime movies and TV shows from anywhere in the world, without any restrictions.

ExpressVPN is the most reliable and trustworthy VPN provider available, so you can be sure that your data and browsing activity are safe and secure. With their easy-to-use app and lightning-fast speeds, you can start watching Your Name. in no time. Don't miss out on this amazing movie - try ExpressVPN today and unlock access to the best anime content on Netflix!

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Unlock Your Name. and More with ExpressVPN

There you have it - everything you need to know about watching Your Name. on Netflix from anywhere in the world. This beautiful anime movie has touched the hearts of audiences around the globe, and now you can experience it for yourself, no matter where you are.

Just remember - if Your Name. isn't available on Netflix in your country, don't despair. With ExpressVPN, you can easily switch to a different country's Netflix catalogue and unlock access to this and many other amazing anime movies and TV shows. All you need is an ExpressVPN subscription and a few clicks, and you're on your way to a world of incredible anime content.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up for ExpressVPN today and start watching Your Name. and other amazing anime movies and TV shows on Netflix right away. You won't regret it!

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